Included here are both Regular 8mm and Super 8mm. But all are S8 unless noted as R in the description. Soon to be included are short logs of various home movies.

If you want to borrow one from me, email me and we'll try to work something out.

last updated 9/01/01. roughly 53 listed here.

title: description: b&w/

Aristocrats a cartoon color 12
Barnum & Ringling Inc. a Little Rascals comedy b&w 24
Bath Dubs a comedy b&w 14
Bedroom Scandal a comedy about marriage b&w 20
Beneath the Planet of the Apes a science fiction movie b&w 12
Big Business a comedy starring Our Gang b&w 25
Blood & Sand an adventure starring rudolph valentino b&w 35
Cake Eater a comedy starring Will Rogers b&w 24
Call of the City a Thomas Edison production in adventure b&w 9
Coney Island a visit to coney island b&w 20
Curse of the Mummy's Tomb a science fiction movie b&w 12
Destination Magoo a Mr. Magoo cartoon color 12
Dizzy Doctors a Three Stooges comedy b&w 12
Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers a science fiction movie b&w 9
Election Day a Little Rascals comedy b&w 30
Escape from the Planet of the Apes a science fiction movie b&w 12
First Ship on Venus a space travel movie b&w 9
Frankenstein meets the Wolfman a Regular 8mm science fictionm movie b&w 12
Frankenstein's new brain a science fiction movie starring bela lugosi and lon chaney b&w 12
Grand Canyon Grandeur a travel movie b&w 12
Great War chapter 2 world war I b&w 20
Hop to It an Oliver hardy and Bobby Ray comdy b&w 25
Hope a red cross seal documentary on tuberculosis b&w 20
Invisible Man a claude Rains science fiction movie b&w 12
Island of Mystery: Swiss Family Robinson a section from the movie color 9
Knight for a day a disney cartoon with mickey, donald, and goofy color 9
Liberty a Laurel and hardy comedy b&w 25
Life of an American Policeman "documentary" by Edison b&w 20
Log Rollers a heckle and jeckle cartoon b&w 9
Mabel and Fatty... ...viewing the World's Fair in San Francisco b&w 24
Mabel's Married Life a comedy starring Mabel and Fatty b&w 24
Men Behind the Megaphones a movie on Hollywood directors at work b&w 20
Mickey's Delayed Date a mickey mouse cartoon color 12
Mummy's Ghost a science fiction movie with Lon chaney Hr. b&w 12
No Rest for a Pest a peter potamus cartoon color 12
Odessa Steps sequence from Battleship Potemkin b&w 12
Ol'Grey Hoss a little rascals comedy b&w 25
Olivier the Eighth a laurel and hardy comedy b&w 30
Pebbles! Daddy's little beauty a Flintstone's cartoon color 5
Poison Peril a science fiction movie with Batman b&w 12
Putting Pants on Phillip a laurel and hardy comedy b&w 21
Revenge of Frankenstein a science fiction movie b&w 12
Steam Kings of the Rails a movie on the history of transportation b&w 22
Termites from Mars a woody woodpecker cartoon color 12
The Bank a charlie chaplin movie b&w 20
Tour of Thomas H. Ince Studios a tour of motion picture studios b&w 25
Vacation Wonderland at Walt Disney World a travel move color 9
War of the Planets a science fiction movie b&w 12
Waterloo, Cedar Falls, and Northern railroads in the 1950's b&w 9
We want our mummy a three stooges comedy b&w 12
When Magoo Flew a Mr. Magoo cartoon color 12
Wonderful Israel 8mm film of traval through Israel color 12
Yesterday Lives Again a documentary in old-time moves b&w 12

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