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this is a project that i'm undertaking: to log all the movies i've seen and to do this for 30 years. it only includes movies seen on vhs, dvd, or in a theater. it does not include any movies i may happen to see on cable or broadcast tv. it's just a list, no reviews.

are there any movies you think i should see? email me - and if you actually want to see a movie with me, let me know as well.

(updates coming soon)

april 2024

civil war (theater - cinemark)
wicked little letter (theater - cinemark)
monkey man (theater - cinemark)
march 2024

damsel (netflix)
february 2024

the wrecking crew! (airplane)
winter kills (theater - grand illusion)
2024 oscar live action shorts (theater - amc seattle 10)
don q son of zorro (theater - grand illusion)
perfect days (theater - amc seattle 10)
drive-away dolls (theater - amc seattle 10)
the lobster (theater - amc seattle 10)
fitting in (theater - grand illusion)
winchester 73 (theater - grand illusion)
2024 oscar documentary shorts (theater - amc seattle 10)
the taste of things / a passion de dodin bouffant (theater - thornton place)
a ghost story (theater - amc seattle 10)
amélie (theater - amc seattle 10)
the teachers' lounge / das lehrerzimmer (theater - amc seattle 10)
coroner creek (theater - grand illusion)
happiness (theater - grand illusion)
pearl (theater - amc seattle 10)
lisa frankenstein (theater - amc seattle 10)
anatomy of a fall / anatomie d'une chute  (theater - amc pacific place)
scrambled (theater - amc seattle 10)
january 2024

m (1931) (theater - grand illusion)
scrambled (theater - amc seattle 10)
the greatest night in pop (netflix)
origin (theater - amc seattle 10)
the blue angel / der blaue engel (theater - grand illusion)
godzilla minus one minus color (theater - amc oak tree)
time still turns the pages / nin siu yat gei (theater - amc pacific place)
i.s.s. (theater - amc seattle 10)
zone of interest (theater - amc oak tree)
memory (2023) (theater - amc pacific place)
poor things (theater - amc seattle 10)
the diamond wizard (theater - grand illusion)
all of us strangers (theater - amc seattle 10)
wonka (theater - amc seattle 10)
fallen leaves / luolleet lehdet (theater - grand illusion)
american fiction (theater - thornton place)
the goldfinger / jin shouzhi (theater - amc seattle 10)
december 2023

all dirt roads taste of salt (theater - grand illusion)
anyone but you (theater - amc seattle 10)
ferrari (theater - amc seattle 10)
the color purple (2023) (theater - amc seattle 10)
maestro (netflix)
the iron claw (theater - amc seattle 10)
poor things (theater - thornton place)
shalom bollywood (amazon prime)
godzilla minus one (theater - amc seattle 10)
monster / kaibutsu (theater - amc seattle 10)
kooky christmas classics from the something weird vault (theater - grand illusion)
the hunger games: the ballad of songbirds and snakes (theater - amc oak tree)
the boy and the heron (theater - amc seattle 10)
die hard (theater - amc seattle 10)
boys in the boat (theater - amc seattle 10)
the holdovers (theater - thornton place)
eileen (theater - amc seattle 10)
may december (netflix)
saltburn (theater - amc seattle 10)
dream scenario (theater - amc seattle 10)
november 2023

a good person (airplane)
ordinary people (max)
curse of the demon (tcm)
the marvels (theater - cinemark)
albert brooks: defending my life (max)
priscilla (theater - cinemark)
october 2023

killers of the flower moon (theater - amc findlay)
the creator (theater - cinemark)
september 2023

dumb money (theater - amc findlay)
bend it like beckham (disney+)
a haunting in venice (theater - cinemark)
august 2023

dark city (theater - grand illusion)
oldboy (theater - amc seattle 10)
the adults (theater - amc seattle 10)
oppenheimer (theater - boeing imax)
mad fate (theater - amc pacific place)
jules (theater - amc seattle 10)
passages (theater - amc seattle 10)
dreamin' wild (theater - amc seattle 10)
shortcomings (theater - amc seattle 10)
theater camp (theater - amc seattle 10)
dazed & confused (theater - grand illusion)
july 2023

talk to me (theater - amc pacific place)
barbie (theater - amc seattle 10)
never say never / ba jiao long zhong (theater - amc pacific place)
barbie  (theater - amc oak tree)
oppenheimer (70mm) (theater - amc pacific place)
the miracle club (theater - amc seattle 10)
lost in the stars/ xiao shi de ta (theater - amc pacific place)
love never ends (theater - amc seattle 10)
begin again (showtime)
asteroid city (theater - amc seattle 10)
scorchy (theater - grand illusion)
love never ends (theater - amc seattle 10)
joy ride (theater - amc seattle 10)
poly styrene: i am a cliche (showtime)
june 2023

every body (theater - amc seattle 10)
indiana jones and the dial of destiny (theater - amc oak tree)
blue jean (theater - amc seattle 10)
polite society (peacock)
asteroid city (theater - amc seattle 10)
no hard feelings (theater - amc seattle 10)
past lives (theater - thornton place)
the blackening (theater - amc seattle 10)
guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 (theater - amc seattle 10)
reality (max)
journey to the west (theater - amc seattle 10)
twilight / szürkület (theater - grand illusion)
spider-man: across the spider-verse (theater - amc seattle 10)
to leslie (netflix)
sanctuary (theater - amc seattle 10)
blackberry (theater - amc seattle 10)
may 2023

the starling girl (theater - amc pacific place)
showing up (theater - grand illusion)
you hurt my feelings (theater - amc seattle 10)
vibes (airplane)
april 2023

beau is afraid (theater - cinemark)
beau is afraid (theater - cinemark)
air (theater - cinemark)
tetris (apple tv+)
march 2023

all that breathes (hbo)
all the beauty and the bloodshed (hbo)
living (theater - amc findlay)
all quiet on the western front (netflix)
friday the 13th (theater - cinemark)
texas chainsaw massacre (theater - cinemark)
february 2023

titanic (3d) (theater - amc oak tree)
punch-drunk love (35mm) (theater - grand illusion)
the wedding singer (35mm) (theater - grand illusion)
the queen of spades (1949) (theater - grand illusion)
triangle of sadness (theater - amc seattle 10)
der fan (theater - grand illusion)
ugetsu (theater - grand illusion)
talking women (theater - amc seattle 10)
knock at the cabin (theater - amc oak tree)
january 2023

wild at heart (theater - grand illusion)
the prisoner of zenda (1937) (theater - grand illusion)
infinity pool (theater - amc seattle 10)
******** (2023) (theater - amc pacifice place)
expedition content (theater - grand illusion)
skinamarink (theater - amc seattle 10)
the mark of zorro (1920) (theater - grand illusion)
alice, darling (theater - amc pacifice place)
missing (2023) (theater - amc seattle 10)
the movie orgy (theater - grand illusion)
avatar: the way of the water (theater - amc oak tree)
desperately seeking susan (35mm) (theater - grand illusion)
the hatchet wielding hitchhiker (netflix)
the giant claw (theater - grand illusion)
broker (theater - amc seattle 10)
saint omer (theater - amc seattle 10)
smokey and the bandit (tcm)
corsage (theater - amc seattle 10)
white noise (netflix)
robot monster (theater - grand illusion)
m3gan (theater - amc seattle 10)
shanghai express (tcm)
the vast of night (amazon prime)
december 2022

the eternal daughter (theater - grand illusion)
he ran all the way (criterion)
creep 2 (netflix)
the whale (theater - amc pacifice place)
babylon (theater - amc oak tree)
tar (theater - amc seattle 10)
don't worry darling (hbo max)
his house (netflix)
being there (tcm)
empire of light (theater - amc pacifice place)
aftersun (theater - amc seattle 10)
the fabelmans (theater - amc pacifice place)
creep (netflix)
november 2022

the last of sheila (tcm)
glass onion (theater - amc pacifice place)
she said (theater - amc seattle 10)
the menu (theater - amc seattle 10)
the rain people (tcm)
rouge one (disney+)
bones and all (theater - amc seattle 10)
tar (theater - amc seattle 10)
barbarian (hbo)
aftersun (theater - amc seattle 10)
armageddon time (theater - amc seattle 10)
tuff turf (airplane)
pearl (bflix)
october 2022

x (showtime)
fall (bflix)
vivarium (amazon)
martha marcy may marlene (hulu)
september 2022

7 days (hulu)
august 2022

sharp stick (theater - amc seattle 10)
july 2022

vengeance (theater - amc seattle 10)
fire of love (theater - amc seattle 10)
nope (theater - amc oak tree)
the black phone (theater - amc seattle 10)
both sides of the blade (theater - amc seattle 10)
june 2022

breaking in (torrent)
elvis (theater - amc oak tree)
marcel the shell with shoes on (theater amc pacific place)
brian and charles (theater - amc seattle 10)
neptune frost (theater - grand illusion)
jazz fest: a new orleans story (theater - amc seattle 10)
crimes of the future (theater - amc seattle 10)
watcher (theater - amc seattle 10)
eiffel (theater - amc seattle 10)
may 2022

everything everywhere all at once (theater - amc seattle 10)
montana story (theater - amc pacific place)
men (theater - amc seattle 10)
the northman (theater - amc seattle 10)
frog dreaming (theater - grand illusion)
happening (theater - amc seattle 10)
petite maman (theater - amc seattle 10)
barsaat ki ek raat (airplane)
10 (amc)
april 2022

the batman (hbomax)
everything everywhere all at once (theater - amc findlay)
march 2022

a little romance (tcm)
coda (apple tv+)
drive my car (hbomax)
the worst person in the world (theater - amc findlay)
february 2022

corvette summer (tcm)
kimi (hbomax)
girls just wanna have fun (airplane)
moonfall (theater - amc seattle 10)
the hound of the baskervilles (1939) (theater - grand illusion)
belfast (theater - amc seattle 10)
january 2022

tarzan and the leopard woman (theater - grand illusion)
nightmare alley: vision in darkness and light (theater - amc seattle 10)
flee (theater - amc seattle 10)
the lost daughter (netflix)
nyoka and the lost secrets of hippocrates (theater - grand illusion)
licorice pizza (theater - amc seattle 10)
first spaceship on venus (theater - grand illusion)
slash (2022) (theater - amc seattle 10)
the eyes of tammy faye (hbomax)
the tragedy of macbeth (theater - amc pacific place)
kenny and company (youtube)
the bad news bears (1976) (tcm)
december 2021

breezy (tcm)
licorice pizza (theater - amc seattle 10)
passing (netflix)
red rocket (theater - amc seattle 10)
the velvet underground (apple tv+)
licorice pizza (theater - amc seattle 10)
the matrix resurrections (theater - amc oak tree)
the matrix revolutions (hbomax)
the matrix reloaded (hbomax)
the matrix (hbomax)
the power of the dog (netflix)
nightmare alley (2021) (theater - amc seattle 10)
west side story (2021) (theater - amc seattle 10)
being the ricardos (theater - amc seattle 10)
[redacted] (theater - amc pacific place)
benedetta (theater - amc seattle 10)
c'mon c'mon (theater - amc seattle 10)
sex and the city 2 (hbomax)
sex and the city (hbomax)
november 2021

ghostbusters: afterlife (theater - amc seattle 10)
house of gucci (theater - amc oak tree)
8-bit christmas (hbomax)
dune (theater - amc oak tree)
the first wave (theater - amc seattle 10)
the souvenir: part ii (theater - amc seattle 10)
the souvenir (amazon prime)
last night in soho (theater - amc seattle 10)
spencer (theater - amc seattle 10)
the french dispatch (theater - amc seattle 10)
the courier (airplane)
convoy (airplane)
october 2021

chamber of horrors (tcm)
september 2021

the hypnotic eye (tcm)
catalina caper (tcm)
the cool ones (tcm)
august 2021

the green knight (theater - amc seattle 10)
heaven adores you (2014) (airplane)
july 2021

broken arrow (theater) 
hiding out (airplane)
roadrunner: a film about anthony bourdain (theater - amc seattle 10)
pig (theater - amc seattle 10)
black widow (theater - amc oak tree)
the heavenly kid (epix)
summer of soul (theater - amc seattle 10)
beyond the valley of the dolls (criterion channel)
june 2021

zola (theater - amc seattle 10)
a quiet place part ii (theater - amc seattle 10)
in the heights (theater - amc seattle 10)
the sparks brothers (theater - amc seattle 10)
bionic ever after? (torrent)
in the heights (hbo max)
high school hellcats (tcm)
her smell (kanopy)
may 2021

cruella (theater - amc seattle 10)
anomalisa (kanopy)
won't you be my neighbor (amazon)
swimming to cambodia (laserdisc)
the heartbreak kid (1972)
p!nk: all i know so far (amazon)
fame (tcm)
a rainy day in new york (amazon)
operator 13 (tcm)
april 2021

sound of metal (amazon)
the father (torrent)
sir (2018) (netflix)
godzilla vs. kong (hbomax)
march 2021

panic in needle park (tcm)
the trial of the chicago 7 (netflix)
3 idiot (amazon)
life after flash (amazon)
ammonite (hulu)
bionic showdown (torrent)
long weekend (1978) (criterion)
february 2021

the return of the six-million-dollar man the bionic woman (torrent)
nomadland (hulu)
promising young woman (theater - amc seattle 10)
model shop (torrent)
january 2021

the little things (hbo max)
housekeeping (criterion)
john mcenroe: in the realm of perfection (criterion)
echo in the valley (amazon)
december 2020

wonder woman 1984 (hbomax)
sylvie's love (amazon)
limit / limite (1931) (tcm)
dusty and sweet mcgee (tcm)
black bear (torrent)
mank (netflix)
palm springs (hulu)
a very brady christmas (hulu)
run (hulu)
november 2020

between the world and me (hbo)
contagion (hbo)
happiest season (torrent)
party girl (criterion)
ahankaar (amazon)
flash gordan (theater - amc pacific place)
goldfinger (theater - amc seattle 10)
october 2020

paris, texas (criterion)
first love (1977) (tcm)
let's scare jessica to death (criterion)
september 2020

buck privates (drive-in)
abba: the movie (tcm)
i'm thinking of ending things (netflix)
go go mania / pop gear (tcm)
dr. goldfoot and the bikini machine (epix)
voyager (1991) (criterion)
august 2020

tenet (theater - amc easton)
just a sigh / le temps de l'aventure  (amazon)
for those who think young (epix)
the children of times square (airplane)
back to the beach (torrent)
the ghost in the invisible bikini (epix)
how to stuff a wild bikini (tcm)
pajama party (epix)
the go-go's (2020) (torrent)
july 2020

bikini party (tcm)
muscle beach party (tcm)
beach party (tcm)
the house on the left (1972) (tcm)
spaceship earth (2020) (torrent)
bikini beach bingo (tcm)
rab ne bana di jodi (amazon)
certain women (criterion)
between the lines (criterion)
split image (torrent)
june 2020

star 80 (torrent)
hardcore (tcm)
chisholm '72 (airplane)
surf party (tcm)
linda ronstadt: the sound of my voice (airplane)
ticket to heaven (torrent)
never rarely sometimes always (torrent)
may 2020

mommy dead and dearest (torrent)
private parts (showtime)
robot and frank (airplane)
smithereens (criterion)
brewster mccloud (tcm)
futureworld (hoopla)
cocoon: the return (torrent)
river of grass (criterion)
cocoon (tcm)
april 2020

red dawn (netflix)
thank god it's friday (criterion)
the lighthouse (amazon prime)
super 8 (epix)
some kind of wonderful (epix)
march 2020

vivarium (torrent)
spider baby (tcm)
madam satan (tcm)
emma (theater - amc findlay)
love story (tcm)
footlight parade (criterion)
the invisible man (theater - cinemark)
horse girl (netflix)
february 2020

something wild (criterion)
in the good old summertime (criterion)
the report (airplane)
berlin: symphony of a great city (theater - grand illusion)
invisible life / a vida invisível (theater - amc seattle 10)
the assistant (theater - amc pacific place)
little women (2019) (theater - amc seattle 10)
nosferatu (theater - grand illusion)
birds of prey (theater - amc oak tree)
recorder: the marion stokes project (theater - northwest film forum)
the china syndrome (tcm)
the rhythm section (theater - amc seattle 10)
south of the border (1939) (theater - grand illusion)
2020 oscar documentary shorts (theater - amc seattle 10)
january 2020

jojo rabbit (theater - amc oak tree)
just mercy (theater - amc seattle 10)
hopalong rides again (theater - grand illusion)
the battle of elderbush gulch (theater - grand illusion)
the gentlemen (theater - amc seattle 10)
the linguini incident (torrent)
les misérables (2019) (theater - amc seattle 10)
times square (torrent)
war of the colossal beast (theater - grand illusion)
ford v ferrari (theater - amc seattle 10)
a hidden life (theater - amc oak tree)
jojo rabbit (theater - amc pacific place)
the mole people (theater - grand illusion)
angel and the badman (tcm)
1917 (theater - amc oak tree)
parasite (theater - amc seattle 10)
a hidden life (theater - amc oak tree)
milk / dog / wasp  (crition)
sorry, wrong number (criterion)
december 2019

richard jewell (theater - amc seattle 10)
little women (2019) (theater - amc seattle 10)
star wars: the rise of skywalker (theater - amc oak tree)
uncut gems (theater - amc seattle 10)
it's a wonderful life (theater - grand illusion)
parasite (theater - amc seattle 10)
bombshell (theater - amc seattle 10)
star wars: the rise of skywalker (cinerama)
waves (theater - amc seattle 10)
queen & slim (theater - amc seattle 10)
elf (airplane)
63 up (torrent)
knives out (harkins 6)
marriage story (netflix)
honey boy (amc 10)  
the lost boys (airplane)
eighth grade (airplane)
november 2019

the irishman (netflix)
one on one (tcm)
jacob's ladder (showtime)
the barkleys of broadway (criterion)
october 2019

escape from l.a. (showtime)
el camino (netflix)
judy (theater - amc easton)
joker (theater - amc easton)
suspiria (1977) (tcm)
september 2019

escape from new york (tcm)
ad astra (theater - cinemark)
walk the line (airplane)
brittany runs a marathon (theater - amc seattle 10)
official secrets (theater - amc seattle 10)
luce (theater - amc pacific place)
it chapter two (theater - amc oak tree)
the nightingale (2019) (theater - amc seattle 10)
midsommar director's cut (theater - amc oak tree)
august 2019

the babadook (showtime)
old child nation (theater - amc seattle 10)
ishtar (showtime)
ready or not (theater - amc oak tree)
the man who fell to earth (criterion)
the peanut butter falcon (theater - amc oak tree)
honeyland (theater - amc seattle 10)
blinded by the light (theater - amc oak tree)
where'd you go bernadette (theater - amc oak tree)
scary stories to tell in the dark (theater - amc seattle 10)
them that follow (theater - amc seattle 10)
once upon a time in hollywood (theater - amc seattle 10)
july 2019

the farewell (theater - amc pacific place)
once upon a time in hollywood (theater - amc oak tree)
last black man in san francisco (theater - amc seattle 10)
for all mankind (tcm)
the art of self-defense (theater - amc seattle 10)
midsommar (theater - amc seattle 10)
rocketman (theater - amc oak tree)
the inventor: out for blood in silicon valley (airplane)
yesterday (theater - amc findlay)
june 2019

booksmart (theater - amc findlay)
may 2019

pokemon detective (theater - cinemark)
gone to earth (theater - eastman)
counsellor-at-law (theater - eastman)
dead reckoning (theater - eastman)
rebecca (theater - eastman)
the nevadan (theater - eastman)
ihmiset suviyössä (theater - eastman)
nightmare alley (theater - eastman)
the beautiful blonde from bashful bend (theater - eastman)
lâge d'or (theater - eastman)

april 2019

beetlejuice (airplane)
risky business (airplane)
william (theater - amc seattle 10)
peterloo (theater - amc seattle 10)
blackkklansman (hbo)
baby face (criterion channel)
amazing grace (theater - amc seattle 10)
high life (theater - amc seattle 10)
shoplifters / manbiki kazoku (airplane)
vox lux (airplane)
the aftermath (theater - amc seattle 10)
the mustang (theater - amc seattle 10)
pet sematary (theater - amc seattle 10)
the beach bum (theater - amc oak tree)
march 2019

gappa (theater - grand illusion)
hotel mumbia (theater - amc oak tree)
apollo 11 (theater - amc seattle 10)
gloria bell (theater - amc oak tree)
ghidorah, the three-headed monster (theater - grand illusion)
mysterious doctor satan (theater - grand illusion)
us (theater - amc oak tree)
she had to say yes (tcm)
stan and ollie (theater - amc oak tree)
executive action (theater - grand illusion)
the wedding guest (theater - amc seattle 10)
climax (theater - amc seattle 10)
funny ha ha (theater - grand illusion)
captain marvel (theater - amc seattle 10)
tidal wave (1973) (theater - grand illusion)
apollo 11 (theater - amc seattle 10)
alita: battle angel (theater - amc oak tree)
9 to 5 (tmc)
fighting with my family (theater - amc seattle 10)
the day the earth caught fire (theater - grand illusion)
vice (theater - amc seattle 10)
february 2019

arctic (theater - amc oak tree)
cold war (theater - amc seattle 10)
2018 oscar documentary shorts (theater - amc seattle 10)
they shall never grow old (theater - amc seattle 10)
under the tuscun sun (airplane)
tully (airplane)
the big chill (tcm)
january 2019

december 2018

birdbox (netflix)
if beale street could talk (theater - amc easton)
the favourite (theater - amc easton)
schindler's list (theater - amc easton)
three identical strangers (airplane)
won't you be my neighbor?  (airplane)
november 2018

fantastic beasts: crimes of grindelwald (theater - amc oak tree)
green book (theater - amc seattle 10)
the front runner (theater - amc seattle 10)
the ballad of buster scruggs (internet - netflix)
boy erased (theater - amc seattle 10)
widows (theater - amc oak tree)
colette (theater - varsity) 
my private war (theater - pacific place)
can you ever forgive me (theater - amc oak tree)
free solo (theater - amc seattle 10)
bohemian rhapsody (theater - amc oak tree)
wildlife (theater - amc seattle 10)
beautiful boy (theater - amc seattle 10)
october 2018

suspiria (theater - amc seattle 10)
halloween (2018) (theater - amc oak tree)
fresh horses (internet - torrent)
306 hollywood (theater - northwest film forum)
the old man and the gun (theater - amc seattle 10)
the hate u give (theater - amc seattle 10)
first man (theater - amc oak tree)
revenge of the cheerleaders (internet - torrent)
bad times at the el royale (theater - amc oak tree) MP
a star is born (theater - amc oak tree) MP
animal house (internet - torrent)
three identical strangers (airplane)
won't you be my neighbor? (airplane)
september 2018

august 2018

july 2018

ant-man and the wasp (theater - cinemark) MP
wall street (airplane) 
june 2018

may 2018

solo: a star wars story (theater - cinemark) MP
a quiet place (theater - cinemark) MP
nostalgia (airplane) 
leisure seeker (theater - varsity) MP

april 2018

my tutor (internet - torrent) 
ingrid goes west (airplane)
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march 2018

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private lessons (internet - torrent)
february 2018

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january 2018

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lost continent (1951) (theater - grand illusion)
elle (theater - seven gables)
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a-bomb: 70 years since hiroshima (theater - northwest film forum)
standford prison experiment (theater - sundance seattle)
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the people that time forgot (internet - netflix)
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tracks (theater - sundance seattle)
20,000 days on earth (theater - grand illusion)
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august 2014

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boyhood (theater - sundance seattle)
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june 2014

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altered states (theater - grand illusion)
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after the thin man (theater - grand illusion)
the thin man (theater - grand illusion)
finding vivian maier (theater - siff uptown)
spanglish (internet - netflix)
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fly away (internet - torrent)
dr. mabuse, the gambler / dr. mabuse, der spieler - ein bild der zeit (theater - grand illusion)
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pete seeger: the power of song (internet - torrent)
dr. satan's robot (theater - grand illusion)
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compliance (internet - torrent)
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citizen's band (internet - torrent)
invisible lighthouse (theater - showbox at the market)
aka doc pomus (theater - grand illusion)
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dallas buyers club (theater - thorton place)
singin' in the rain (theater - grand illusion)
gravity (theater - cinerama)
the paw project (theater - grand illusion)
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the sound of music (theater - cinerama)
patton (theater - cinerama)
baraka (theater - cinerama)
the hunger games (internet - netflix)
the battle at elderbush gulch (theater - northwest film forum)
first stories: early film narratives, 1901-1913 (theater - northwest film forum)
august 2013

july 2013

the ring (1927) (theater - uptown)
the pleasure garden (1925) (theater - uptown)
blackmail (1929) (theater - uptown)
june 2013

evocateur: the morton downey jr. movie (theater - grand illusion)

flicker (theater - egyptian)
furever (theater - egyptian)
celestial wives of the meadow mari (theater - harvard exit)
drinking buddies  (theater - egyptian)
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two lives  (theater - pacific place)
the wind (theater - triple door)
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fatal (theater - pacific place)
9 full moons (theater - uptown)
the pervert's guide to ideology (theater - pacific place)
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the hunt (theater - harvard exit)
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go grandriders (theater - pacific place)
may 2013

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shadowed (theater - uptown)
full circle (theater - uptown)
yesterday never ends (theater - uptown)
the last sentence (theater - egyptian)
blackfish (theater - pacific place)
tito on ice (theater - uptown)
the human scale (theater - harvard exit)
a gun in each hand (theater - harvard exit)
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the fifth season (theater - pacific place)
a river changes course (theater - uptown)
remote area medical (theater - uptown)
out in the dark (theater - harvard exit)
anita (theater - harvard exit)
touchy feely (theater - egyptian)
laurence anyways (theater - egyptian)
after lucia (theater - harvard exit)
barzan (theater - harvard exit)
the act of killing (theater - harvard exit)
bypass (theater - pacific place)
fuck up (theater - uptown)
scrapper (theater - uptown)
i declare war (theater - pacific place)
mercy (2012) / gnade (theater - harvard exit)
the broken circle breakdown (theater - harvard exit)
goltzius and the pelican company (theater - uptown)
a teacher (theater - pacific place)
populaire (theater - pacific place)
investigation citizen above suspicion / indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto (theater - uptown)
two mothers (theater - egyptian)
stuck in love (theater - pacific place)
stories we tell (theater - harvard exit)
after tiller (theater - uptown)
the spectacular now (theater - uptown)
paradise: hope / paradies: hoffnung (theater - uptown)
paradise: faith / paradies: glaube (theater - uptown)
paradise: love / paradies: liebe (theater - uptown)
april 2013

frances ha (theater - uptown)
march 2013

west of memphis (internet - torrent)
moonraker (theater - grand illusion)
forbidden planet (theater - grand illusion)
the spy who loved me (theater - grand illusion)
on her majesty's secret service (theater - grand illusion)
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love and other drugs (internet - torrent)
the green slime (theater - grand illusion)
goldfinger (theater - grand illusion)
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war of the worlds (1953) (theater - grand illusion)
56 up (internet - torrent)
the imposter (2012) (internet - torrent)
searching for sugar man (internet - torrent)
smashed (internet - torrent)
rocketship x-m (theater - grand illusion)
february 2013

how to survive a plague (internet)
the place beyond the pines (theater - siff cinema)
mumia: long distance revolutionary (theater - grand illusion)
the mask of fu manchu (theater - grand illusion)
gunga din (theater - grand illusion)
ectasy of order: the tetris masters (internet)
sadko (theater - grand illusion)
captain blood (theater - grand illusion)
rust and bone / de rouille et d'os (internet)
january 2013

decision at sundown (theater - grand illusion)
the man in the iron mask (theater - grand illusion)
les misérables (2012) (internet)
the adventures of robin hood (theater - grand illusion)
this is 40 (internet)
the mark of zorro (1940) (theater - grand illusion)
december 2012

django unchained (theater - varsity)
the perks of being a wallflower (internet)
lola versus (internet)
the twilight zone marathon (theater - grand illusion)
november 2012

take this waltz (internet)
your sister's sister (internet)
young adult (dvd - library)
ornette: made in america (theater - grand illusion)
seeking a friend for the end of the world (internet)
daisies / sedmikrásky (theater - grand illusion)
october 2012

the unholy three (1930) (theater - grand illusion)
island of lost souls (theater - grand illusion)
fat kid rules the world (theater - siff center)
the master (theater - cinerama)
the sessions (theater - siff cinema)
the mormon church explains it all to you (theater - grand illusion)
september 2012

the master (theater - cinerama)
mr. hulot's holiday / les vacances de monsieur hulot (theater - grand illusion)
dead men don't wear plaid (theater - grand illusion)
2 days in new york (theater - guild 45th)
side by side (theater - grand illusion)
august 2012

samsara (theater - cinerama)
marty (theater - grand illusion)
premium rush (theater - sundance)

the dark knight rises (theater - boeing imax)
storytelling (internet)
ruby sparks (theater - sundance)
dark horse (theater - varsity)
the sting (theater - grand illusion)
july 2012

alps / alpeis (theater - grand illusion)
to rome with love (theater - guild 45th)
experiment with terror (theater - grand illusion)
baghead (internet)
gilda (theater - grand illusion)
the big heat (theater - grand illusion)
my cousin vinny (internet)
june 2012

beyond the black rainbow (theater - grand illusion)
tiny furniture (internet)
possession (1981) (theater - grand illusion)
submarine (dvd - library)
safety not guaranteed (theater - sundance)
moonrise kingdom (theater - guild 45th)
pretty poison (theater - grand illusion)
the girl on the train / la fille du rer (dvd - library)
may 2012

hard boiled / lat sau san taam (theater - grand illusion)
timecrimes / los cronocrimenes (dvd - library)
steve jobs: the lost interview (theater - grand illusion)
out on a limb (theater - grand illusion)
qwerty (theater - grand illusion)
donkey love (theater - grand illusion)
tilt (2011) (theater - grand illusion)
damsels in distress (theater- harvard exit)
april 2012

thx-1138 (theater - cinerama)
hot saturday (dvd - library)
amélie (dvd)
paper heart (dvd)
charade (theater - grand illusion)
the pornographer / le pornographe (dvd - library)
north by northwest (theater - grand illusion)
delicacy (theater - varsity)
his girl friday (theater - grand illusion)
bringing up baby (theater - grand illusion)
march 2012

the movie orgy (theater - grand illusion)
them! (theater - grand illusion)
boy (2010) (theater - meridian)
gozilla vs. cosmic monster (theater - grand illusion)
house of pleasures / l'apollonide: souvenirs de la maison close (theater - grand illusion)
the mole people (theater - grand illusion)
war of the colossal beast (theater - grand illusion)
game change (theater - siff at uptown)
february 2012

la jetée (theater - grand illusion)
the dish and the spoon (theater - northwest film forum)
the fabulous world of jules verne (theater - grand illusion)
harold and maude (theater - siff at uptown)
just imagine (theater - grand illusion)
the innkeepers (theater - grand illusion)
the lost world (1925) (theater - grand illusion)
january 2012

drive (theater - grand illusion)
first spaceship on venus (theater - grand illusion)
paradise lost 3: purgatory (internet)
gorath (theater - grand illusion)
hot tub time machine (dvd - library)
planet of vampires (theater - grand illusion)
white dog (dvd - library)
earth vs. the flying saucers (theater - grand illusion)
bluebeard's eighth wife (theater - grand illusion)
december 2011

trouble in paradise (theater - grand illusion)
the girl with the dragon tattoo (2011) (theater)
harvey (theater - grand illusion)
november 2011

october 2011

the brain eaters (theater - grand illusion)
the magic serpent / kairyu daikessen (theater - grand illusion)
ondine (dvd - netflix)
the wolf man (theater - grand illusion)
frankenstein meets the wolf man (theater - grand illusion)
alien (theater - grand illusion)
september 2011

kingdom of survival (theater - grand illusion)
two-land blacktop (theater - grand illusion)
bring me the head of alfredo garcia (theater - grand illusion)
my afternoons with margueritte / la tête en friche (theater - metro)
race with the devil (theater - grand illusion)
contagion (theater - cinerama)
the soft skin / la peau douce (theater - grand illusion)
attack the block (internet)
red state (internet)
amigo (theater - northwest film forum)
august 2011

in a glass cage / tras el cristal (theater - grand illusion)
viva la muerte / long live death (theater - grand illustion)
the tree (theater - varsity)
road to nowhere (theater - grand illusion)
gun brothers (theater - grand illusion)
into eternity (internet)
july 2011

rear window (theater - grand illusion)
passione (theater - grand illusion)
it came from beneath the sea (theater - grand illusion)
if a tree falls: a story of the earth liberation front (theater - varsity)
stand by me (theater - grand illusion)
american graffiti (theater - grand illusion)
the seven year itch (theater - grand illusion)
jet pilot (theater - grand illusion)
the tree of life (theater - egyptian)
midnight in paris (theater - guild 45th)
picnic (theater - grand illusion)
june 2011

the conqueror (theater - grand illusion)
the tree of life (theater - lincoln square)
suddenly, last summer (theater - grand illusion)
the last bath (theater - grand illusion)
abbott and costello meet the mummy (theater - grand illusion)
12 angry lebanese: the documentary (theater - harvard exit)
holy rollers: the true story of card counting christians (theater - siff cinema)
illegal (theater - pacific place)
hayfever (theater - pacific place)
roadie (theater - harvard exit)
poupoupidou (theater - egyptian)
sevdah for karim (theater - pacific place)
heading west (theater - egyptian)
on tour (theater - neptune)
to be heard (theater - siff cinema)
qarantina (theater - siff cinema)
buck (theater - siff cinema)
bobby fischer: against the world (theater - harvard exit)
por el camino (theater - pacific place)
if i want to whistle, i whistle (theater - harvard exit)
old goats (theater - egyptian)
detective dee and the mystery of the phantom flame (theater - egyptian)
as if i am not there (theater - egyptian)
tabloid (theater - pacific place)
black field (theater - pacific place)
sound of noise (theater - egyptian)
terri (theater - pacific place)
on the ice (theater - harvard exit)
circumstance (theater - harvard exit)
norman (theater - neptune)
small town murder songs (theater - harvard exit)
71 - into the fire (theater - pacific place)
gromozeka (theater - pacific place)
the names of love (theater - pacific place)
spark of being (theater - harvard exit)
amador (theater - pacific place)
the last mountain (theater - pacific place)
heading west (theater - pacific place)
revenge of the electric car? (theater - pacific place)
toast (theater - pacific place)
karate-robo zaborgar (theater - neptune)
simple simon (theater - siff cinema)
kinshasa symphony (theater - siff cinema)
hot coffee (theater - pacific place)
flying fish (theater - pacific place)
may 2011

lesson plan (theater - harvard exit)
the empire of mid-south (theater - neptune)
being elmo: a puppeteer's journey (theater - pacific place)
the off hours (theater - pacific place)
the poll diaries (theater - neptune)
black bread (theater - neptune)
the rescuers (theater - harvard exit)
these amazing shadows (theater - harvard exit)
la dolce vita (theater - harvard exit)
johan primero (theater - pacific place)
late autumn (theater - harvard exit)
hit so hard (theater - neptune)
codependent lesbian space alien seeks same (theater - egyptian)
jucy (theater - harvard exit)
bicycle, spoon, apple (theater - harvard exit)
littlerock (theater - harvard exit)
gun hill road (theater - harvard exit)
viva riva! (theater - pacific place)
an african election (theater - harvard exit)
pinoy sunday (theater - pacific place)
nothing's all bad (theater - pacific place)
if a tree falls (theater - harvard exit) (partial, theater evacuated)
22nd of may (theater - pacific place)
womb (theater - egyptian)
four more years (theater - egyptian)
finding kind (theater - egyptian)
without (theater - harvard exit)
the child prodigy (theater - pacific place)
black narcissus (theater - siff cinema)
cario 678 (theater - pacific place)
3 (theater - neptune)
outrage (theater - egyptian)
hermano (theater - harvard exit)
copacabana (theater - egyptian)
murder at the vanity (theater - grand illusion)
let's fall in love (theater - grand illusion)
let's go native (theater - grand illusion)
the cat and the fiddle (theater - grand illusion)
daddy knows best (theater - grand illusion)
the big broadcast (1932) (theater - grand illusion)
gold diggers of 1933 (theater - grand illusion)
oh, for a man! (theater - grand illusion)
a night in a dormitory (theater - grand illusion)
how to die in oregon (theater - pacific place)
page one: inside the new york times (theater - pacific place)
forks over knives (theater - varsity)
natural selection (2011) (theater - pacific place)
abandon ship (theater - grand illusion)
meek's cutoff (theater - harvard exit)
the beaver (theater - metro)
kosmos (theater - pacific place)
the future (theater - pacific place)
project nim (theater - pacific place)
april 2011

anatomy of a murder (theater - grand illusion)
ladies and gentlemen the fabulous stains (dvd - library)
underwater! (theater - grand illusion)
empty quarter (theater - northwest film forum)
the rules of the game / la règle du jeu (theater - grand illusion)
march 2011

winnebago man (internet)
fiend without a face (theater - grand illusion)
the music never stopped (theater - harvard exit)
the war wagon (theater - grand illusion)
king kong (1933) (theater - grand illusion)
dogtooth (theater - grand illusion)
phil ochs: there but for fortune (theater - northwest film forum)
reptilicus (theater - grand illusion)
the cake eaters (dvd - library)
sunshine cleaning (dvd - library)
robot monster (theater - grand illusion)
the art of the steal (dvd - library)
vaudeville deluxe (theater - grand illusion)
the woodmans (theater - northwest film forum)
february 2011

jazz, sex and war cartoons (theater - grand illusion)
billie holliday: first to last (theater - grand illusion)
the effect of dada and surrealism (theater - grand illusion)
the day the earth caught fire (theater - grand illusion)
the mysterious island (theater - grand illusion)
gasland (internet)
planet of blood (theater - grand illusion)
monsters (internet)
waste of time (theater - grand illusion)
close encounters of the third kind (theater - cinerama)
january 2010

gammera the invincible (theater - grand illusion)
another year (theater - seven gables)
home (dvd - library)
godzilla vs. megalon (theater - grand illusion)
blue valentine (internet)
homeless: the motel kids of orange county (theater - siff cinema)
monster zero (theater - grand illusion)
sunrise (theater - northwest film forum)
the fighter (internet)
godzilla (1956) (theater - grand illusion)
oss 117: casio, nest of spies / oss 117: le caire, nid d'espions (dvd - library)
the king's speech (theater - guild 45th)
december 2010

true grit (theater - cinemark)
rabbit hole (theater - siff cinema)
white material (theater - harvard exit)
black swan (theater - guild 45th)
the notorious bettie page (dvd - library)
road to utopia (theater - grand illusion) 
a clear day and no memories (theater - jack straw)
november 2010

road to zanzibar (theater - grand illusion) 
the girl who kicked the hornet's nest / luftslottet som sprŠngdes (internet)
the girl who played with fire / flickan som lekte med elden (internet)
the girl with the dragon tattoo / mŠn som hatar kvinnor (internet)
127 hours (theater - guild 45th)
song of rambow (dvd - library)
road to morocco (theater - grand illusion) 
client 9: the rise and fall of eliot spitzer (theater - varsity)
hoosiers (dvd - library)
lorna's silence / le silence de lorna (dvd - library)
coal miner's daughter (theater - grand illusion)
october 2010

valentine"s day (2001) (theater - grand illusion)
zombieland (dvd - library)
the social network (internet)
i am secretly an important man (theater - northwest film forum)
dracula (1931) (theater - grand illusion)
red (2010) (internet)
never let me go (theater - guild 45th)
last chance harvey (dvd - library)
the birds (theater - grand illusion)
man on wire (dvd - library)
margot at the wedding (dvd - library)
let me in (theater - metro)
september 2010

skidoo (theater - grand illusion)
winter kills (theater - grand illusion)
planet of blood (theater - grand illusion)
duck soup (theater - grand illusion)
high on the range - part one (theater - grand illusion)
queen of outer space (dvd - library)
first words - the birth of sound cinema (theater - northwest film forum)
frozen river (dvd - library)
the town (theater - guild 45th)
aguirre: the wrath of god (theater - grand illusion)
the kids are all right (theater - guild 45th)
f*ck mickey mouse (theater - grand illusion)
august 2010

the most dangerous game (dvd - library)
bad bugs bunny (theater - grand illusion)
the puffy chair (dvd - library)
life during wartime (theater - varsity)
scott pilgrim vs. the world (theater - metro)
greenberg (internet)
behind the burly q (theater - grand illusion)
primer (dvd - library)
countdown to zero (theater - varsity)
beetle queen conquers tokyo (theater - grand illusion)
july 2010

we found it in the basement: 16mm extravaganza! (theater - grand illusion)
before the devil knows you're dead (dvd - library)
i am love / io sono l'amore (theater - seven gables)
where the air is cool and dark (theater - grand illusion)
inception (theater - neptune)
despicable me (theater - cinemark)
the desperate hours (theater - grand illusion)
sabrina (theater - grand illusion)
cyrus (theater - harvard exit)
june 2010

winter's bone (theater - guild 45th)
please give (theater - guild 45th)
from here to eternity (theater - grand illusion)
dennis nyback's panorama of the 20th century (theater - grand illusion)
may 2010

youth in revolt (internet)
ace in the hole (dvd - library)
black dynamite (internet)
monsieur verdoux (theater - grand illusion)
carcasses (theater - grand illusion)
happy-go-lucky (dvd - library)
iron man (internet)
lord love a duck (theater - grand illusion)
dr. goldfoot and the girl bombs (theater - grand illusion)
april 2010

baby mama (dvd - library)
the knack ...and how to get it (theater - grand illusion)
when you're strange (theater - grand illusion)
the prize winner of defiance, ohio (dvd - library)
bunny lake is missing (theater - grand illusion)
greenberg (theater - guild 45th)
old joy (dvd - library)
march 2010

manufactured landscapes (dvd - library)
45365 (theater - northwest film forum)
good night, and good luck (dvd - library)
william shatner's mysteries of the gods (internet)
february 2010

nick and norah's infinite playlist (dvd - library_
pillow talk (theater - grand illusion)
brick (dvd - library)
sometimes a great notion (theater - grand illusion)
january 2010

the white ribbon / das weisse band - eine deutsche kindergeschichte (theater - harvard exit)
bad lieutenant: port of call, new orleans (internet)
the informant! (internet)
a scanner darkly (dvd - library)
mine (2009) (theater - siff cinema)
crazy heart (theater - seven gables)
the private lives of pippa lee (internet)
up in the air (internet)
island of lost souls (theater - grand illusion)
avatar 3-d (theater - neptune)
attack of the 50 ft. woman (dvd - library)
december 2009

synth britannia (internet)
sherlock holmes (2009) (theater - cinemark 8)
where the wild things are (2009) (internet)
the messenger (2009) (theater - metro)
brothers (2009) (theater - neptune)
november 2009

the big steal (1949) (dvd - library)
fantastic mr. fox (theater - metro)
antichrist (internet)
leave her to heaven (theater - grand illusion)
illegal (dvd - library)
october 2009

julia (dvd - library)
under the rainbow (internet)
the ghost breakers (theater - grand illusion)
the cat and the canary (1939) (theater - grand illusion)
forgetting sarah marshall (dvd - library)
seven faces of dr. lao (theater - grand illusion)
focal points: documentary shorts from 1969 (theater - northwest film forum)
new york, i love you (theater - meridian)
a serious man (theater - harvard exit)
pineapple express (dvd - work)
capitalism: a love story (theater - neptune)
september 2009

whip it (theater - uptown)
a love song for bobby long (dvd - library)
the jacket (dvd - library)
big fan (theater - seven gables)
frequently asked questions about time travel (internet)
drag me to hell (internet)
august 2009

nightmare alley (theater - grand illusion)
inglourious basterds (theater - guild 45th)
sixteen candles (internet)
valediction (2009) (dvd - own)
séraphine (theater - guild 45th)
betty blue - director's cut (theater - varsity)
phase IV (theater - grand illusion)
july 2009

towelhead (dvd - library)
five million years to earth (quatermass and the pit) (theater - grand illusion)
paper heart (theater - seven gables)
war of the worlds (1953) (theater - grand illusion)
the swimmer (theater - grand illusion)
public enemies (theater - metro)
nollywood babylon (theater - grand illusion)
june 2009

adoration (theater - varsity) 
up in 3d (theater - neptune)
poppy shakespeare (theater - harvard exit)
wind blows in the meadow (theater - harvard exit)
away we go (theater - pacific place)
live and remember (theater - pacific place)
amreeka (theater - pacific place)
american primitive (theater - egyptian)
sweet crude (theater - egyptian)
talhotblond (theater - pacific place)
a pain in the ass (theater - cinerama)
lovely loneliness (theater - pacific place) 
my suicide (theater - pacific place)
a woman in berlin (theater - harvard exit)
the fortress (theater - harvard exit)
the girl from monaco (theater - egyptian)
troubled water (theater - egyptian)
cold souls (theater - harvard exit)
garbage dreams (theater - pacific place)
manhole children (theater - pacific place)
world's greatest dad (theater - egyptian)
west of pluto / À l'ouest de pluton (theater - harvard exit)
the burning plain (theater - egyptian)
that evening sun (theater - pacific place)
the country teacher / venkovský ucitel (theater - harvard exit)
grace (2009) (theater - egyptian)
four boxes (theater - siff cinema)
birdwatchers / terra vermelha (theater - harvard exit)
marcello marcello (theater - egyptian)
true adolescents (theater - egyptian)
william kunstler: disturbing thge universe (theater - siff cinema)
katia's sister / het zusje van katia (theater - siff cinema)
prodigal sons (theater - pacific place)
art & copy (theater - pacific place)
with a little help from myself / aide-toi, le ciel t'aidera (theater - siff cinema)
fifty dead men walking (theater - pacific place)
kaifeck murder / hinter kaifeck (theater - pacific place)
animated enemies - james forsher (theater - siff cinema)
33 scenes from life / 33 sceny z zycia (theater - harvard exit)
afghan star (theater - pacific place)
against the current (theater - pacific place)
the great race (theater - siff cinema)
rain (2008) (theater - pacific place)
wonderful world (theater - pacific place)
krabat (theater - pacific place)
may 2009

kisses (theater - harvard exit)
downloading nancy (theater - harvard exit)
so long at the fair (theater - harvard exit)
la mission (theater - egyptian)
the merry gentleman (theater - harvard exit)
city of borders (theater - pacific place)
a woman's way / strella (theater - egyptian)
fighting ali (theater - pacific place)
white night wedding / brúðguminn (theater - pacific place)
the garden (theater - pacific place)
rembrandt's j'accuse (theater - siff cinema)
moon (theater - siff cinema)
fear me not (theater - pacific place)
california company town (theater - northwest film forum)
i sell the dead (theater - neptune)
tengri: blue heavens (theater - neptune)
the answer man (theater - neptune)
$9.99 (theater - harvard exit)
tulpan (theater - pacific place)
welcome (theater - harvard exit)
dodsworth (theater - harvard exit)
we live in public (theater - neptune)
sunset blvd. (theater - harvard exit)
the adventures of robin hood (theater - harvard exit)
spring breakdown (theater - neptune)
the yes men fix the world (theater - neptune)
the higher force / stóra planið (theater - egyptian)
(500) days of summer (theater - pacific place)
the exploding girl (theater - pacific place)
the cove (theater - pacific place)
trimpin: the sound of invention (theater - pacific place)
star trek (2009) (theater - neptune)
humpday (theater - pacific place)
nurse.fighter.boy (theater - pacific place)
the immaculate conception of little dizzle (theater - pacific place)
april 2009

tyson (internet)
anvil! the story of anvil (theater - varsity)
duplicity (theater - metro)
adventureland (theater - metro)
march 2009

half nelson (dvd - library)
doc (2008) (theater - grand illusion)
control (2007) (dvd - library)
the betrayal / nerakhoon (theater - grand illusion)
the secret life of words (dvd - library)
best of youth (dvd - own)
february 2009

medicine for melancholy (theater - northwest film forum)
v for vendetta (dvd - library)
gran torino (theater - metro)
rachel getting married (internet)
holy modal rounders: bound to lose (internet)
january 2009

wendy and lucy (theater - varsity)
doubt (internet)
helvetica (internet)
the gits (internet)
the van (1977) (internet)
revolutionary road (theater - guild 45th)
the wrestler (internet)
the reader (theater - harvard exit)
december 2008

frost/nixon (internet)
milk (internet)
the curious case of benjamin button (theater - cinemark 8)
religulous (internet)
vinyl (internet)
november 2008

acts of violence (dvd - library)
mystery street (dvd - library)
let the right one in (theater - varsity)
slumdog millionaire (theater - harvard exit)
synecdoche, NY (theater - guild 45th)
october 2008

changeling (theater - pacific place)
w. (theater - guild 45th)
september 2008

devil's playground (dvd - library)
battle in seattle (theater - neptune)
beyond the sea (dvd - library)
august 2008

vicky cristina baralona (theater - guild 45th)
july 2008

wargames (theater - pacific place)
the dark knight (theater - neptune)
june 2008

the oh in ohio (dvd)
the family stone (internet)
scopitone a go go (theater - grand illusion)
soundie panorama (theater - grand illusion)
the sound of jazz (theater - grand illusion)
radio days 1929-1944 (theater - grand illusion)
harlem in the thirties (theater - grand illusion)
jazz in the 1920's (theater - grand illusion)
the science of sleep (dvd - library)
the high lonesome sound (theater - grand illusion)
musical holdouts (theater - grand illusion) 
zero to mtv (theater - grand illusion)
may 2008

sex and the city (theater - guild 45th)
coonskin (theater - grand illusion)
indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull (theater - cinerama)
plagues & pleasures on the salton sea (internet)
jay and silent bob do degrassi the next generation (internet)
footloose (dvd - library)
the wind that shakes for the barley (dvd - library)
flight of the red balloon / le voyage du ballon rouge (theater - varsity)
stranger than fiction (dvd - library)
april 2008

ghosts of Mississippi (dvd - library)
the life before her eyes (theater - harvard exit)
the visitor (theater - guild 45th)
the namesake (dvd - library)
march 2008

beautiful girls (internet)
4 little girls (internet)
mississippi burning (dvd - library) h
snow angels (theater - harvard exit)
gunman's walk (theater - grand illusion)
scandal sheet (theater - grand illusion)
the brothers rico (theater - grand illusion)
five against the house (theater - grand illusion)
february 2008

titicut follies (dvd - scarecrow)
michael clayton (internet)
four months, three weeks, and two days / 4 luni, 3 saptamani si 2 zile (theater - harvard exit)
the war room (dvd - scarecrow)
eastern promises (dvd - library)
tension (dvd - library)
where danger lives (dvd - library)
january 2008

hardy boys / nancy drew: season two (dvd - own)
imaginary witness: hollywood and the holocaust (theater - siff cinema)
venus (dvd - library)
the savages (theater - harvard exit)
sophie scholl: the final days / sophie scholl - die letzten tage (dvd - library)
december 2007

i'm not there (theater - neptune)
into the wild (theater - varsity)
there will be blood (theater - neptune)
wristcutters: a love story (internet)
no country for old men (theater - guild 45th)
i am legend (internet)
juno (theater - neptune)
starting out in the evening (theater - harvard exit)
equinox (dvd - library)
atonement (theater - seven gables)
the lives of others / das leben der anderen (dvd - library)
november 2007

undercurrent (1946) (theater - grand illusion)
the philadelphia story (theater - grand illusion)
i'm not there (theater - varsity)
kicking and screaming (dvd - library)
decoy (dvd - library)
october 2007

crime wave (dvd - library)
no country for old men (theater - siff cinema)
degrassi high (dvd - own)
idiocracy (dvd - library)
gone baby gone (theater - cinerama)
we own the night (theater - )
the darjeeling limited (theater - pacific place)
hotel chevalier (theater - pacific place)
brand with a brain (theater - cinerama)
hideous kinky (dvd - own)
hard candy (dvd - library)
sherrybaby (dvd - library)
black snake moan (internet)
september 2007

majjoe (internet)
sunshine (internet)
the jane austen book club (theater - seven gables)
waiting for nesara (dvd - own)
august 2007

july 2007

talk to me (varsity)
no end in sight (harvard exit)
pitfall (siff cinema)
woman on the run (siff cinema)
knocked up (guild 45th)
the u.s. vs john lennon (dvd - library)
june 2007

the chumscrubber (dvd - library)
the bridge (internet)
sicko (internet)
for the bible tells me so (harvard exit)
introducing the dwights (neptune)
end of the line (neptune)
expired (lincoln square)
khadak (lincoln square)
never again as before (lincoln square)
confession of pain (neptune)
sex and death 101 (egyptian)
blood on the flat track: the rise of the rat city rollergirls (neptune)
cthulhu (neptune)
a cottage on dartmoor (siff cinema)
71 fragments of a chronology of chance / 71 fragmente einer chronologie des zufalls (grand illusion)
funny games (grand illusion)
shotgun stories (harvard exit)
the bothersome man / den brysomme mannen (neptune)
khadak (neptune)
american shopper (harvard exit)
the signal (neptune)
great world of sound (harvard exit)
the violin / el violin (neptune)
beauty in trouble / kraska v nesnazich (neptune)
day watch / dnevnoi dozor (neptune)
like minds (neptune)
benny's video (grand illusion)
the seventh continent / der siebente kontinent (grand illusion)
tugboat annie (siff cinema)
invisibles (siff cinema)
cashback (neptune)
dasepo naughty girls / dasepo sonyo (neptune)
congorama (neptune)
angel-a (neptune)
outsourced (neptune)
black sheep (2006) (neptune)
kurt cobain about a son (neptune)
la vie promise / ghost river (neptune)
bajo juarez, the city devouring its daughters (neptune)
tell no one / ne le dis à personne (neptune)
protagonist (pacific place)
may 2007

strange culture (northwest film forum)
exiled / fong juk (egyptian)
crazy love (pacific place)
reduce, reuse, and recycle shorts (northwest film forum)
i'm keith hernandez (northwest film forum)
dear bill gates (northwest film forum)
ghosts of cité soleil (northwest film forum)
the aerial / la antena (northwest film forum)
ten canoes (neptune)
severance (neptune)
summer '04 (harvard exit)
the king of kong (egyptian)
golden door / nuovomondo (egyptian)
monkey warfare (egyptian)
knocked up  (egyptian)
monster camp (egyptian)
gunga din (egyptian)
red road (harvard exit)
girls rock! (harvard exit)
the fever of '57 (siff cinema)
the life and times of yva las vegass (siff cinema)
this is england (siff cinema)
big rig (siff cinema)
the king of kong (siff cinema)
once (mohai)
la môme / la vie en rose (jbl theater)
eagle vs. shark (jbl theater)
life in loops (a megacities rmx) (jbl theater)
team american (dvd - library)
away from her (uptown)
2 day in paris (siff cinema)
jesus camp (dvd - library)
april 2007

grindhouse (neptune)
murderball (dvd - library)
march 2007

the host / gwoemul (neptune)
avenue montaigne (siff cinema)
we jam econo - the story of the minutemen (dvd - library)
parallel lines (dvd - library)
february 2007

brokeback mountain (dvd - library)
inland empire (neptune)
january 2007

amazing grace (harvard exit)
notes on a scandal (guild 45th)
history of violence (dvd - library)
december 2006

casablanca (guild 45th) - 12/12
little children (seven gables)
wal-mart: the high cost of low price (dvd - library)
november 2006

bobby (harvard exit)
god grew tired of us (pacific place)
constant gardener (dvd - library)
elizabethtown (dvd - library)
october 2006

catch a fire (pacific place)
big fish (dvd - library)
is it true what they say about ann? (dvd - library)
september 2006

this film is not yet rated (guild 45th)
august 2006

hollywoodland (pacific place)
broken flower (dvd - library)
vera drake (dvd - library)
july 2006

little miss sunshine (pacific place)
crash (2004) (dvd - library)
june 2006

may 2006

water (dir. mehta) (harvard exit)
april 2006

march 2006

february 2006

world's fastest indian (uptown)
january 2006

(missing data coming soon)

june 2004

fahrenheit 9/11 (theater - neptune)
brazil (dvd - library)
chronos (laserdisc - own)
the wild bunch (dvd - library)
five easy pieces (dvd - library)
harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban (theater - metro)
captive / cautiva (theater - cinerama)
the green butchers / de grønne slagtere (theater - cinerama)
hawayein (dvd - library)
spellbound (dvd - library)
capturing the freidmans (dvd - library)
dear frankie (theater - cinerama)
before sunset (theater - cinerama)
before sunrise (theater - harvard exit)
napolean dynamite (theater - seven gables)
may 2004

cosmos (dvd - library)
shrek 2 (theater - cinerama)
the girl on the bridge (theater - harvard exit)
baadasssss! (theater - harvard exit)
a good lawyer's wife / baramnan gajok (theater - harvard exit)
napolean dynamite (theater - metro)
odd man out (dvd - library)
the best little whorehouse in texas (dvd - library)
coffee and cigarettes (theater - guild 45th)
the sweet hereafter (dvd - own)
lola (1981) (dvd - library)
veronika voss / die sehnsucht der veronika voss (dvd - library)
the marriage of maria braun / die ehe der maria braun (dvd - library)
april 2004

funny girl (dvd - library)
annie get your gun (dvd - library)
kill bill - vol. 2 (theater - cinerama)
girl with a pearl earring (theater - crest)
stevie (dvd - library)
ikiru / to live (dvd - library)
a decade under the influence (dvd - library)
the mayor of sunset strip (theater - varsity)
halloween (dvd - library)
office space (dvd - 126/hollywood video)
thirteen (dvd - 126/hollywood video)
the return / vozvrashcheniye (theater - metro)
march 2004

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (theater - meridian)
alice adams (dvd - library)
tokyo story / tokyo monogatari (dvd - library)
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (theater - guild 45th)
prozac nation (region 5) (dvd - scarecrow)
biggie & tupac (dvd - scarecrow)
divine trash (dvd - library)
dirty pretty things (dvd - 126)
american beauty (dvd - own)
the revolution will not be televised (theater - metro)
splendor in the grass (dvd - library)
dawn of the dead (2004) (theater - uptown)
hedwig and the angry inch (dvd - library)
the big heat (dvd - library)
it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world (theater - cinerama)
lagaan ( dvd - library)
two women / do zan (dvd - library)
february 2004

the piano teacher / la pianiste (dvd - library)
salaam bombay! (dvd - library)
battle of algiers (theater - neptune)
platinum blonde (dvd - library)
purple noon / plein (dvd - library)
pieces of april (theater - crest)
cq (dvd - library)
weird science (theater - grand illusion)
the essential clash (dvd - library)
full frame - documentary shorts (dvd - library)
la strada (dvd - library)
meeting people is easy - radiohead (dvd - library)
the hidden half / nimeh-ye penhan (dvd - library)
mtv cribs: hip-hop (dvd - library)
joysticks (theater - grand illusion)
the young girls of rochefort / demoiselles de rochefort (dvd - library)
knife in the water / n—z w wodzie  (dvd - library)
fog of war (theater = harvard exit)
sixteen candles (dvd - scarecrow)
swimming pool (dvd - scarecrow)
sweet sixteen (dvd - scarecrow)

january 2004

the triplets of belleville / les triplettes de belleville  (theater - harvard exit)
battle royale II (dvd - scarecrow)
night of the living dead (dvd - library)
naqoyqatsi (dvd - library)
monster (theater - metro)
lola (1961) (dvd)
the station agent (theater - crest)
the 39 steps (dvd - library)
laurel canyon (dvd - scarecrow)
down with love (dvd - scarecrow)
l'auberge espagnole (dvd - scarecrow)
dark passage (dvd - scarecrow)
down with love (dvd - scarecrow)
you bet your life - the lost episodes (dvd - library)
jackie brown (dvd - library)
bend it like beckham (dvd - library)
the usual suspectd (dvd - hollywood)
bringing down the house (dvd - hollywood)
party girl (dvd - scarecrow)
sex and the city - season five (dvd - scarecrow)
real genius (dvd - scarecrow)
anything else (dvd - scarecrow)
the thing from another world (dvd - library)

december 2003

barbershop (dvd - library)
amelie (dvd - library)
bowling for columbine (dvd - library)
raising victor vargas (dvd - library)
winged migration (dvd - library)
kandahar (dvd - library)
the outsiders (dvd - library)
28 days later (dvd - library)
pirates of the caribbean (airplane)
beckett on film (dvd - library)
love actually (theater - guild 45th)
kal ho naa ho (theater - totem lake)
the virgin suicides (vhs - 126)

november 2003

21 grams (theater - guild 45th)
accident (1967) (dvd - library)
the haunting (dvd - library)
the hours (dvd - library)
mystery of the wax museum (dvd - library)
house of wax (dvd - library)
images (1972) (dvd - library)
the lady vanishes (dvd - library)
focus (dvd - library)
blue in the face (vhs - 126)
real women have curves (dvd - library)
auto-focus (dvd - library)
punch-drunk love (dvd - library)
grey gardens (vhs - library)
return from witch mountain (dvd - library)
escape to witch mountain (dvd - library)
frida (dvd - library)
my beautiful laundrette (dvd - library)
an evening with the dixie chicks (dvd - library)
mahalia jackson - the power and the glory (dvd - library)
sanjuro / tsubaki sanjuro (dvd - library)
invincible (2001) (dvd - library)
psycho (dvd - library)
the shining (dvd - library)

october 2003

carrie (dvd - library)
my so-called life (dvd - library)
my life without me (theater - harvard exit)
the remains of the day (dvd - library)
some folks call it a sling blade (1994) (dvd - own)
lost in la mancha (dvd - library)
mystic river (theater - guild 45th)
the merchants of cool (dvd - library)
umberto d. (dvd - library)
hiroshima, mon amour (dvd - library)
night and fog / nuit et brouillard (dvd - library)
ali: fear eats the soul / angst essen seele auf (dvd - library)
red / rouge (dvd - own)
white / blanc (dvd - own)
blue / bleu (dvd - own)
the young ones (dvd - library)
fitzcarraldo (dvd - library)
pulp fiction (dvd - library)
kill bill - vol. 1 (theater - neptune)
austin powers in goldmember (dvd - 3606)
nurse betty (dvd - library)

september 2003

james and the giant peach (dvd - library)
lost in translation (theater - seven gables)
gangs of new york (dvd - library)
matchstick men (theater - metro)
unfaithful (dvd - library)
about schmidt (dvd - library)
american splendor (theater - neptune)
the computer wore tennis shoes (dvd - library)
a mighty wind (theater - crest)

august 2003

don't look back (dvd - library)
norah jones live in new orleans (dvd - library)
bamboozled (dvd - library)
get christie love (dvd - 126)
tnt jackson (dvd - 126)
sunrise (dvd - scarecrow)
lola (1961) (vhs - scarecrow)
the umbrellas of cherbourg (dvd - library)
the unknown peter sellers (dvd - library)
last orders (dvd - library)
adaptation (dvd - library)
being john malkovich (dvd - own)

july 2003

drumline (dvd - library)
spirited away / sen to chihiro no kamikakushi (dvd - library)
triumph of the nerds (dvd - library)
tron (dvd - library)
vertigo (dvd - library)
moonlight mile (dvd - library)
les mistons / the mischief makers (dvd - library)
higher learning (dvd - library)
raise the red lantern / da hong deng long gao gao gua (dvd - library)
the whale rider (theater - neptune)
donnie darko (dvd - library)
les dames du bois boulogne (dvd - library)
about a boy (dvd - library)
à nous la liberté (dvd - library)
love on the run / l'amour en fuite (dvd - library)
bed and board / domicile conjugal (dvd - library)
the good the bad and the ugly / il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (theater - varsity)
8 mile (dvd - library)
stolen kisses / baisers volés (dvd - library)

june 2003

antoine et colette (dvd - library)
mr. deeds goes to town (dvd - library)
trees lounge (dvd - library)
my big fat greek wedding (dvd - library)
shampoo (dvd - library)
scrabylon (theater - 911)
winged migration (theater - seven gables)
the event (theater - harvard exit)
kopps (theater - harvard exit)
zelig (dvd - library)
devdas (2002) (theater - cinerama)
the mind benders (dvd - library)
the trilogy: after life / après la vie (theater - pacific place)
the trilogy: an amazing couple / un couple épatant (theater - pacific place)
the trilogy: on the run / cavale (theater - pacific place)
singin' in the rain (dvd - library)
american splendor (theater - egyptian)
rabbit-proof fence (dvd - library)
on the town (dvd - library)

may 2003

the lost honor of katharina blum / die verlorene ehre der... (dvd - library)
the sea / hafið (theater - egyptian)
the merry jail / das fidele gefängnis (dvd - library)
trouble in paradise (dvd - library)
frankenstein (dvd - library)
love & diane (theater - bph)
tadpole (dvd - library)
sunset blvd. (dvd - library)
man on the train / l'homme du train (theater - seven gables)
lantana (dvd - library)
the minus man (dvd - library)
georgia (dvd - library)
lilya 4-ever (theater - varsity)
bananas (dvd - library)
hannah and her sisters (dvd - library)
hair (dvd - library)
george washington (dvd - library)
cabaret (dvd - library)
the king of comedy (dvd - library)
pretty in pink (dvd - library)
the wind will carry us / bad ma ra khahad bord (dvd - scarecrow)
sex and the city - season four (region 2) (dvd - scarecrow)

april 2003

as good as it gets (dvd - library)
eyes wide shut (dvd - library)
fellini: i'm a born liar (theater - varsity)
paint it black (imc)
the pianist (theater - metro)
point of no return (dvd - scarecrow)
one on one (1977) (vhs - scarecrow)
peter rose films (pscs)
all or nothing (dvd - scarecrow)
powaqqatsi (dvd - own)
how to get ahead in advertising (dvd - scarecrow)
withnail & i (dvd - scarecrow)
matador (dvd - scarecrow)
morvern callar (theater - varsity)
talk to her / hable con ella (dvd - scarecrow)
bustin' loose (dvd - scarecrow)
modern romance (vhs - own)
time after time (dvd - scarecrow)
all the real girls (theater - metro)
clockwise (dvd - scarecrow)
ratcatcher (dvd - library)
the wicker man - extended edition (dvd - scarecrow)

march 2003

amarcord (dvd - library)
buffy the vampire slayer: season one (dvd - library)
xanadu (theater - emp)
down by law (dvd - library)
the snapper (dvd - library)
sophie's choice (dvd - library)
central station / central do brasil (dvd - library)
claire's knee / le genou de claire (dvd - library)
the blood of a poet / le sang d'un poète (dvd - library)
ballad of a soldier / ballada o soldate (dvd - library)
the clockmaker / l'horloger de saint-paul (dvd - library)
place vendome (dvd - library)
manon des sources (dvd - library)
jean de florette (dvd - library)
the french connection (dvd - library)
good will hunting (dvd - library)
how the west was won (theater - cinerama)
quai des orfevres (theater - varsity)
this is cinerama (theater - cinerama)
paths of glory (dvd - library)
the plague dogs (dvd - scarecrow)
windjammer (theater - cinerama)
search for paradise (theater - cinerama)

february 2003

blue crush (dvd - scarecrow)
lord of the rings: the two towers (theater - cinerama)
trainspotting (dvd - library)
in the mood for love / hua yang nian hua (dvd - library)
gandhi (dvd - library)
the shop on main street / obchod na korze (dvd - library)
spiderman (dvd - library)
secretary (dvd - 126)
lawrence of arabia (dvd - library)
the music of chance (vhs - scarecrow)
igby goes down (dvd - scarecrow)
the umbrellas of cherbourg (dvd - library)
my man godfrey (dvd - library)
pierrot le fou (dvd - libraru)
pixote: a lei do mais fraco (dvd - library)
russian ark / russkij kovcheg (theater - varsity)
dancer in the dark (dvd - own)
the umbrellas of cherbourg / les parapluies de cherbourg (dvd - library)
city of god / cidade de deus (theater - harvard exit)
pygmalion (1938) (dvd - library)
irma vep (dvd - library)

january 2003

this sporting life (dvd - library)
i don't know jack (dvd - scarecrow)
pumpkin (dvd - scarecrow)
key largo (dvd - library)
mystery of rampo (vhs - library)
the ice storm (dvd - library)
jules and jim (dvd - library)
the good time girls / les bonnes femmes (dvd - library)
born yesterday (1950) (dvd - library)
fantastic planet / la planète sauvage (dvd - library)
his girl friday (dvd - library)
red heat (dvd - scarecrow)
the grey zone (dvd - scarecrow)
planet of the apes (1968) (dvd - library)
mystery train (dvd - library)
8 1/2 (dvd - library)
the 400 blows (dvd - library)
iris (dvd - scarecrow)
pretty devils / voyous voyelles (dvd - scarecrow)
the hours (theater - pacific place)
that obscure object of desire (dvd - library)
buffy the vampire slayer: season two (dvd - library)
20 million miles to earth (dvd - library)
career girls (vhs - 126)
elizabeth (vhs - 126)
my life so far (dvd - scarecrow)
gosford park (dvd - library)

december 2002

the simpsons: season one (dvd - library)
speaking of buñuel (dvd - library)
the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie (dvd - library)
the crocodile hunter (vhs - airplane)
separate tables (dvd - library)
harry potter and the chamber of secrets (theater - cinerama)
adaptation (theater - uptown)
faces (dvd - library)
legally blonde (dvd - library)
m (dvd - library)
breathless / à bout de souffle (dvd - library)
personal velocity (theater - metro)
my life to live / vivre sa vie (dvd - library)
harry potter and the sorcerer's stone (dvd - library)
black hawk down (dvd - library)
written on the wind (dvd - library)

november 2002

scent of green papaya / mui du du xanh (dvd - library)
sudden fear (dvd - library)
sweet smell of success (dvd - library)
ararat (theater - metro)
far from heaven (theater - seven gables) 
the right stuff (dvd - library)
the life of brian (dvd - library)
jaws (dvd - library)
she's the one (vhs - 126)
all that heaven allows (dvd - library)
mighty aphrodite (dvd - library)
femme fatale (theater - metro)
diary of a lost girl / das ragebuch einer verlorenen  (dvd - library)
the loves of a blonde / lásky jedné plavovlásky (dvd - library)
happenstance / le battement d'ailes du papillon (dvd - library)
the blob (dvd - library)
metropolis (theater - metro)

october 2002

closely watched trains / ostre sledované vlaky (dvd - library)
amores perros (dvd - library)
the big heat (dvd - library)
the good the bad and the ugly / il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (dvd - library)
punch-drunk love (theater - guild 45th)
bowling for columbine (theater - egyptian)
heaven (dir. tykwer) (theater - metro)
gas, food, lodging (vhs - library)
morgan - a suitable case for treatment (dvd - library)
hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy (dvd - library)
ghost world (dvd - library)
moulin rouge (dvd - library)
great expectations (dvd - library)
eat, drink, man, woman (dvd - library)
gates of heaven (vhs - scarecrow)

september 2002

fast, cheap, and out of control (dvd - scarecrow)
training day (dvd - library) 
brief encounter (dvd - library)
what dreams may come (dvd - library)
the rutles (dvd - library)
dance with a stranger (dvd - library)
bull durham (dvd - library)
waiting for guffman (dvd - library)
forbidden planet (dvd - library)
it came from outer space (dvd - library)
korean war in color (dvd - library)
the good girl (theater - metro)
the gold rush (theater - paramount)
oz - season one (dvd - library)
bell book and candle (dvd - library)

august 2002

best in show (dvd - library)
before night falls (dvd - library) 
32 short films about glen gould (dvd - scarecrow)
shallow hal (dvd - scarecrow)
autumn fire (theater - pscs)
the good girl (theater - metro)
the kid stays in the picture (theater - metro) 
boyz n the hood (dvd - library)
alfie (dvd - library)
two-lane blacktop (dvd - library)
rage: 20 years of punk rock (vhs - library)
the piano teacher (dvd - scarecrow)
vernon, florida (vhs - scarecrow)
miss congeniality (dvd - library)

july 2002

m*a*s*h (dvd - library)
the empire strikes back (vhs - own)
mr. show (dvd - library)
sunshine state (theater - harvard exit)
cinema paradiso - director's cut (theater - uptown)
lovely & amazing (theater - harvard exit)
l'avventura (dvd - library)
attack of the clones (theater - cinerama)
the bicycle corps (vhs - library)
no such thing (dvd)
goonies (theater - )
riding in cars with boys (dvd - scarecrow)
matewan (theater)
return of the secacus seven (theater - varsity)
the legend of 1900 (dvd - scarecrow)
roadkill (vhs - scarecrow)
swimming to cambodia (dvd - scarecrow)
highway 61 (vhs - scarecrow)

june 2002

brother from another planet (theater - varsity)
lianna (theater - varsity)
lulu on the bridge (dvd - scarecrow)
george washington (dvd - scarecrow)
me & isaac newton (dvd - library)
minority report (theater - metro)
donnie darko (dvd - scarecrow)
funny games (dvd - scarecrow)
happiness (dvd - own)
bang, bang, you're dead (theater - cinerama)
24 hour party people (theater - egyptian)
the whispering sands / pasir berbisik (theater - pacific place)
suplement (theater - pacific place)
all about lily chou-chou / riri shushu no subete (theater - cinerama)
say anything (dvd - own)
the parallax view (theater - egyptian)
the navigators (theater - harvard exit)
texasville (vhs - scarecrow)
sex and the city - season three (dvd - scarecrow)
mccabe & mrs. miller (theater - egyptian)

may 2002

career girls (dvd - scarecrow)
stars and the water carriers / stjernerne og vandbørerne (dvd - scarecrow)
my voyage to italy (theater - egyptian)
catching out (theater - broadway perf. hall)
insomnia (theater - metro)
the business of fancydancing (theater - varsity)
rain (dir. christine jeffs) (theater - metro)
e.t. (theater - cinerama)
house on haunted hill - 1958 (dvd - library)
dogtown and the z-boys (theater - metro)

april 2002

thompson twins: into the gap live (vhs - own)
to sir, with love (dvd - library)
the last picture show (theater - last ever broadway market show)
y tu mamá también (theater - egyptian)
monster's ball (theater - neptune)

march 2002

what time is it there? / ni neibian jidian (theater - varsity)
scratch (theater - varsity)
monsoon wedding (theater - harvard exit)
wonderland (dvd - own)
beijing bicycle (theater - broadway market)

february 2002

the curse of the jade scorpion (dvd)
o brother where art thou? (dvd)
the royal tenebaums (theater)
heidi fleiss: hollywood madam (vhs)
storytelling (theater)
the green mile (dvd)
italian for beginners / italiensk for begyndere (theater)

january 2002

the great dictator (dvd)
sugar and spice (dvd)
a beautiful mind (theater)
beautiful creatures (dvd)
snatch (dvd)
bottle rocket (dvd)
flash gordan goes to mars (dvd)
the grand illusion / la grande illusion (dvd)
bookwars (vhs)
lord of the rings (theater)
calendar (dvd)
code unknown / code inconnu (dvd)
mulholland drive (theater)
alfred stieglitz: the eloquent eye (dvd)
network (dvd)
pink lady and jeff (dvd)
no end / bez konca (vhs)
bread and roses (dvd)
gregory's girl (dvd)
on the waterfront (vhs)

december 2001

heaven (vhs)
wings of desire / der himmel über berlin (vhs)
in the bedroom (theater)
what becomes of the broken hearted? (dvd)
once were warriors (dvd)
sling blade (vhs)
mishima (dvd)
the royal tenenbaums (theater)
with a friend like harry (dvd)
ordinary people (dvd)
land and freedom (vhs)
rushmore (dvd)
american pie (dvd)
amélie (theater)
strike / stachka (dvd)

november 2001

shadow of a doubt (dvd)
wild things (dvd)
band of outsiders / bande à part (theater)
time bandits (dvd)
teaching mrs. tingle (dvd)
rko 281 (dvd)
amélie (theater)
cradle will rock (dvd)
city lights (dvd)
river's edge (dvd)
waking life (theater)
the battle over citizen kane (dvd)
the man who wasn't there (theater)

october 2001

bulworth (dvd)
city of lost children / la cité des enfants perdus (dvd)
jacob's ladder (dvd)
cleopatra jones (dvd)
mulholland drive (theater)
land of the lost (dvd)
dog day afternoon (dvd)
diva (dvd)
the mosquito coast (dvd)
2001 (theater)
the muppet movie (dvd)
l.i.e. (theater)
crocodile dundee 3 (airplane)

september 2001

life + debt (theater)
bridget jone's diary (airplane)
ran (dvd)
the 1964 world's fair (dvd)
pleasure / le plaisir (et ses petits tracas) (dvd)
the girl on the bridge / la fille sur le pont (dvd)
the deer hunter (dvd)
a simple plan (dvd)
our song (theater)
manufacturing consent (vhs)
hardball (theater)
times ain't like they used to be (vhs)
yi yi (dvd)
show me love / fucking åmål (dvd)
the killing fields (dvd)

august 2001

close encounters of the third kind (dvd)
hard core logo (dvd)
the sting (dvd)
the english patient (dvd)
pull my daisy (theater)
frank film (theater)
pressures of the text (theater)
chinatown (dvd)
sex and the city - season two (dvd)
wonderland (dvd)
under the sand / sous le sable (theater)
casablanca (dvd)
the red violn (dvd)
things you can tell just by looking at her (dvd)

july 2001

la guerre est finie / war is over (dvd)
grosse point blank (dvd)
smell of camphor, fragrance of jasmine/ booye kafoor, atre yas (theater)
entr'acte (theater)
black cat, white cat /crna macka, beli macor (vhs)
devil's island / djöflaeyjan (vhs)
bonnie and clyde (dvd)
the wild one (dvd)
final fantasy (theater)
river's edge (dvd)
a.i. (theater)
steal this movie (dvd)
the abominable dr. phibes (dvd)
any given sunday (vhs)

june 2001

series 7: the contenders  (theater)
2 seconds (dvd)
shock corridor (dvd)
high lonesome (dvd)
rebel without a cause (dvd)
blind chance (vhs)
personal journey with martin scorsese through american movies (dvd)
personnel (vhs)
the princess and the warrior (theater)
* ** ***** (theater)
ghost world (theater)
tears of a black tiger / fah talai jone (theater)
bangkok: dangerous (theater)
juvenile jungle (theater)
santa fe passage (theater)
rennie's landing (theater)
the bonnie parker story (theater)
paratroop command (theater)
exploding oedipus (theater)
tomb raider (theater)
parsley days (theater)
manhood and other modern dilemmas / virilité (theater)
out of the closet and off the screen (theater)
finder's fee (theater)
the new country / det nya landet (theater)
baise-moi / rape me (theater)
together / tillsammans (theater)
battle royale (theater)
dog food / azucena (theater)
km.0 (theater)
strictly sinatra (theater)
hedwig and the angry inch (theater)
virgin stripped bare by her bachelors / oh! soo-jung (theater)
go tigers! (theater)
a woman is a helluva thing (theater)
disco pigs (theater)
the weight of the water
steamboat bill, jr. (theater) 
final (theater) 
**** ***** ******** (theater) 
stanley kubrick: a life in pictures (theater)
blink (theater)
film noir (theater)
jackpot (theater)
southern comfort (theater)
faat-kine (theater)
camp scott ladies (theater)
mortal transfer (theater)
iron ladies / satree lex (theater)
this is my moon / me mage sandai (theater)
the closet / le placard (theater)
better than sex (theater)
tortilla soup (theater)
sex, shame, and tears / sexo, pudor y lágrimas (theater)
the princess and the warrior / der krieger und die kaiserin (theater)
ghost world (theater)
jump tomorrow (theater)
angels of the universe (theater)
a place nearby (theater)
chronically unfeasible (theater)
innocence (theater)
haiku tunnel (theater)
the crimson rivers (theater)
baraka (theater)
shorts: oddballs, eccentrics and misfits (theater)
****** *** (theater)
angels of the universe / englar alheimsins (theater)
e-dreams (theater)
macarthur park (theater)
kids on the ave (theater)
streetwise (theater)
young and the dead (theater) (theater)

may 2001

possible loves / amores possíveis (theater)
chain camera (theater)
o fantasma (theater)
left side of the fridge (theater)
6ixtynin9 (theater)
little senegal (theater)
odd little man (theater)
ginger snaps (theater)
night shift / trois huit (theater)
if... (theater)
a matter of taste / une affaire de goût (theater)
gaudi afternoon (theater)
seance / korei (theater)
no place to go / die unberührbare (theater)
sky hook / nebeska udica (theater)
ali-zaoua (theater)
lalee's kin: the legacy of cotton (theater)
chopper (theater)
barking dogs never bite / puhran dah suh uigeh (theater)
amy's orgasm (theater)
body and soul (theater)
******* * (theater)
things behind the sun (theater)
lift (theater)
diary of a chambermaid (theater)
scout's honor (theater)
lost and delirious (theater)
bartleby (theater)
you've got mail (dvd)
our lady of the assassins / la virgen de los sicarios (theater)
6ixtynin9 / ruang talok 69 (theater)
101 reykjavik (theater)
living blood / sangue vivo (theater)
vertical ray of the sun / à la verticale de l'été (theater)
stranger inside (theater)
liam (theater)
divided we fall / musíme si pomáhat (theater)
out of sight (dvd)
before the storm / före stormen (theater)
brother (theater)
everybody's famous / iedereen beroemd (theater)
cure / kyua (theater)
midnight cowboy (dvd)
o (theater)
jalla! jalla! (theater)
my first mister (theater)
one day in september (dvd)
sliding doors (dvd)
center of the world (theater)
rebel without a cause (dvd)
blind chance / przypadek (vhs)
personal journey with martin scorsese through american movies (dvd)
personnel (vhs)
the lost weekend (dvd)
the circle / dayereh (theater)
my dinner with andre (dvd)

april 2001

thelonius monk: straight, no chaser (dvd)
the claim (theater)
amores perros (theater)
ghost dog (dvd)
videodrome (dvd)
andromeda strain (dvd)
bridget jones's diary (theater)
before sunrise (dvd)
empire records (dvd)
hands on a hard body (dvd)
the day i became a woman (theater)
the last picture show (dvd)
memento (theater)
kieslowski: i'm so-so... (vhs)
pulp fiction (dvd)
kids (dvd)
strange days (dvd)

march 2001

croupier (dvd)
poison (dvd)
high fidelity (dvd)
red (theater)
white (theater)
blue (theater)
pollock (theater)
almost famous (dvd)
panic (theater)
memento (theater)
bring it on (dvd)
the dish (theater)
the caveman's valentine (theater)
jesus' son (dvd)
man ray (dvd)
a talk with hitchcock (dvd)
the old dark house (dvd)
the gift (theater)

february 2001

the beach (dvd)
lolita (1962) (dvd)
la femme nikita (dvd)
thin red line (dvd)
raiders of the lost ark (theater)
room with a view (dvd)
shadow of the vampire (theater)
jeanne and the perfect guy (dvd)
man on the moon (dvd)
blade runner (theater)
drugstore cowboy (dvd)

january 2001

the seven samuri (dvd)
trinity and beyond (dvd)
an affair to remember (dvd)
deadmen don't wear plaid (dvd)
the wonderful, horrible life of leni riefenstahl (dvd)
behind the planet of the apes (dvd)
bob roberts (dvd)
times square (dvd)
cartoon noir (dvd)
the book of life (dvd)
traffic (theater)
a zed and two noughts (dvd)
tucker (dvd)
daughters of the dust (dvd)

december 2000

mystery train (dvd)
anywhere but here (dvd)
clean, shaven (dvd)
state and main (theater)
crouching tiger hidden dragon (theater)
suburbia (dvd)
you can count on me (theater)
north by northwest (dvd)
koyaanisqatsi (dvd)
another day another man (dvd)
bad girls go to hell (dvd)
the sacrifice (theater)
pop in reykjavik (theater)
trade-off (theater)
the awful truth (dvd)
movie days (theater)
brady bunch home movies (dvd)

november 2000

live nude girls unite (theater)
amistad (dvd)
requiem for a dream (theater)
return to me (dvd) (theater)
eeny meeny (theater)
marine life (theater)
charlie's angels (theater)

october 2000

the muse (dvd)
titus (dvd)
heavy (dvd)
the tao of steve (theater)
short circuit (dvd)
rififi (theater)
a single girl (dvd)
mean streets (dvd)
triumph of the will (dvd)
dancer in the dark (theater)
sisters (dvd)
the bicycle thief (dvd)
american movie (dvd)

september 2000

"dark days" (theater)
"girlfight" (theater)
"spinal tap" (dvd)
"me myself i" (dvd)
"the five senses" (theater)
"dead kennedys - dmpo's on broadway" (dvd)
"stranger than paradise" (dvd)
"high noon" (dvd)
"half japanese: the band that would be king" (dvd)
"the sorrow and the pity" (theater)
"the girl next door" (theater)
"the wasp woman" (dvd)
"nashville" (dvd)
august 2000

"a bucket of blood" (dvd)
"sex and the city" (dvd)
"regret to inform" (dvd)
"space cowboys" (theater)
"x-men" (theater)
"but i'm a cheerleader" (theater)
"walkabout" (dvd)
"twin falls idaho" (dvd)
"wonderland" (theater)
"it happened one night" (dvd)
"chungking express" (vcd)
"wonderland" (theater)
"breaking the waves" (dvd)
"snow falling on cedars" (dvd)
july 2000

"sex: the annabel chong story" (theater)
"the second woman" (dvd)
"they made me a criminal" (dvd)
"impact" (dvd)
"modern times" (dvd)
"chuck & buck" (theater)
"peeping tom" (dvd)
"nosferatu" (dvd)
"the nights of cabiria" (dvd)
"limbo" (dvd)
"the talented mr. ripley" (dvd)
"red river" (dvd)
"a woman under the influence" (dvd)
"the night of the hunter" (dvd)
"picnic at hanging rock" (dvd)
"the limey" (dvd)
"shoah" (vhs)

june 2000

"harold and maude" (dvd)
"the birth of a nation" (dvd)
"the brother from another planet" (dvd)
"last night" (dvd)
"the 400 blows" (dvd)
"titan a.e." (theater)
"grass" (theater)
"chicken run" (theater)
"desperately seeking susan" (dvd)
"sacco & vanzetti" (dvd)
"girl, interrupted" (dvd)
"sweet agony" (theater)
"fight club" (dvd)
"raging bull" (theater)
"l.a. confidential" (dvd)
"this is cinerama" (theater)
"easy rider" (dvd)
may 2000

"silent running" (dvd)
"bound" (dvd)
"sid & nancy" (dvd)
"shanghai noon" (theater)
"the insider" (dvd)
"mission impossible 2" (theater)
"cleo from 5 to 7" (dvd)
"the searchers" (dvd)
"felicia's journey" (dvd)
"the taking of pelham one two three" (dvd)
"the vanishing" (dvd)
"royal wedding" (dvd)
"the virgin suicides" (theater)
"decalogue IV-X" (dvd)
"pee-wee's big adventure" (dvd)
"romance" (dvd)
"melvin and howard" (dvd)
"saving private ryan" (dvd)
"double indemnity" (dvd)
april 2000

"bandit queen" (dvd)
"the filth and the fury" (theater)
"time code" (theater)
"barry lyndon" (dvd)
"decalogue I-III" (dvd)
"celebrity" (dvd)
"smoke signals" (dvd)
"sex, lies, and videotape" (dvd)
"swingers" (dvd)
"eyes wide shut" (dvd - region 3)
"things to come" (dvd)
"american psycho" (theater)
"small time crooks" (theater) 
"buffalo 66" (dvd)
"ticket to heaven" (dvd)
"bride of frankenstein" (dvd)
"gods and monsters" (dvd)

march 2000

"high fidelity" (theater)
"trekkies" (dvd)
"guinevere" (dvd)
"36 fillette" (dvd)
"american graffiti" (dvd)
"fm" (dvd)
"hard eight" (dvd)
"mission to mars" (theater)
"the brandon teena story" (dvd)
"white lies" (dvd)
"modern romance" (vhs)
"the school of flesh" (dvd)
"rock and roll high school" (dvd)
"beyond the mat" (theater)
"return of the secaucus 7" (vhs)
"bugsy malone" (vhs)
"boys don't cry" (theater)

february 2000

"boogie nights" (dvd)
"wonder boys" (theater)
"pi" (dvd)
"my bodyguard" (vhs)
"over the edge" (vhs)
"happiness" (dvd)
"hackers" (dvd)
"magnolia" (theater)
"girl on a motorcycle" (dvd)
"titus" (theater) 
"eye of the beholder" (theater)
"run lola run" (dvd)

january 2000

5. "american pie" (dvd)
4. "magnolia" (theater)
3. "dark city" (dvd)
2. "there's something about mary" (dvd)
1. "mr. death" (theater)

december 1999

"dr. strangelove" (theater)
"sweet and lowdown" (theater)
"the source" (theater)
november 1999

"toy story 2" (theater)
"the exorcist" (theater)
"clockwork orange" (theater)
"the straight story" (theater)
october 1999

"blue velvet" (theater)
"being john malkovich" (theater)
"bringing out the dead" (theater)
"the straight story" (theater)
"superstar" (theater)
"three kings" (theater)
"american beauty" (theater)
"guinevere" (theater)
september 1999

"american beauty"
"the sixth sense"


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